Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking For Work.

Searching for a job can be tedious. Weather you have experience or are willing to learn, finding the right job for you is not as easy as we would think.

Sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know. This is usually a main factor in finding a job.

Having a resume which is readable and not cluttered with a bunch of gibberish is a good start. If you had a number of jobs in let’s say the last couple of years it may not be wise to list everyone that you’ve worked for. I would suggest that you put the last three or four on so that it wouldn’t raise the issue of the amount of jobs that you went through in a short time. If you left the others on good terms, then use them as personal references.

Looking Clean and Showing up on Time.

It is important to have the clean-cut look happening because the first impression is the one that’ll matter. This is why you should be on time for the interview, perhaps earlier.

Most times unless you are going for an executive job, it is not necessary to be overdressed. Most employers can see through that. Be dressed in nice, clean clothes, but don’t over-do it. Mannerism is a must because, well…if you show no respect, you will not get any in return. Chewing gum is not a good idea while taking the interview.
Finding Local Jobs may be a task at hand. In most cases as we all know it's not what you know, but who we know. The best places are the local newspapers, government sites, classifieds sites and more places where jobs are posted on a daily basis.
Work at Home Jobs are also available however this is a totally different type of work and does not involve anyone actually going into the workforce. Beware of some of these work at home opportunities as some are not as legit as others. There are some that are of the honest nature and finding them may be a job by itself.

How to Find Freelance Writing Jobs.

Remember, the job doesn’t look for you; you’ve got to go get it.

Good luck, I hope this helped.

………………………..thanks for reading……………Phil.

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